Best Places for Students to Move in Blackburn.

Finding the perfect place to move can be a daunting task, especially for students. As a student, finding a place that is both affordable and convenient to live in can be challenging. Besides, finding a place that offers a peaceful environment that is conducive to studying is essential. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best places for students to move to in Blackburn to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable.


Greenbank is an excellent place for students to live in Blackburn. It is situated towards the north-east of Blackburn and is commonly known for its peace and serenity. The location is perfect for students who love to live in a quiet environment that is conducive to studying. The area is renowned for its spacious parks, recreational areas, and well-kept gardens. The community in Greenbank is friendly, which makes it easy for students to feel at home.

Mill Hill:

Mill Hill is an affordable place to live in Blackburn that offers comfort and convenience to students. The area is well connected to the city center with regular bus services, making it easy for students to access services such as groceries, entertainment venues, and restaurants with ease. The neighborhood houses a range of residential properties, including flats, apartments, and houses, which are spacious and convenient for student living.


Billinge is another excellent choice for students looking for a place to live in Blackburn. The area is close to the Blackburn town center and has excellent transport links. It is home to several large supermarkets, retail parks, and leisure centers, offering students easy access to everyday amenities. The area has a range of affordable properties, which creates an excellent opportunity for those seeking inexpensive accommodation.


Bastwell is an affordable and convenient place for students to live in Blackburn. It is a mixture of both residential and commercial properties, which means that students can access services such as shops, restaurants, and cafes with ease. Despite having a commercial feel to it, the area still provides a peaceful environment for studying, making it an excellent choice for students who prefer a live-work-play environment.

Higher Croft:

Higher Croft is a peaceful area situated on the outskirts of Blackburn town. It is a well-established area that has been around for many years, and it’s composed of mainly residential properties. The location is perfect for students who prefer a quieter lifestyle, far away from the noise of the city center. The area is well-kept, and the properties are spacious, making it an excellent environment for studying.

Moving to a new town, especially as a student, can be tough. Finding a place that is affordable, convenient, and suited to your lifestyle can be challenging. The places highlighted in this blog post are the best places for students to move to in Blackburn. They all offer affordable properties, easy access to everyday amenities, and are conducive for students who require a peaceful environment to study. By choosing any of the places mentioned above, students moving to Blackburn will find it easy to settle in and enjoy their stay.